Retargeting is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and has one of the highest conversion rates of all services that are available. There is no denying the value of retargeting, but companies are struggling to understand where they are going to see the best return for their investment in the service. Facebook makes it easier than anyone else to retarget because it allows you to display a variety of ads to people who have visited your website and shown some interest in your product/service. Not only that, but how often do you want to get a Google Remarketing campaign live immediately, but you have to wait for your audience pools to grow? Or, do you have to install a GTM, drop tags on buttons, form submissions, and more?

Facebook Remarketing: Made Easy

Your business needs to generate quality traffic that converts into sales, and if it’s not happening with one service (Google) you have to make a decision on whether or not to continue to invest in that service or make a change. One worthwhile test you can make is to switch from Google to Facebook. Even if you gave Facebook Advertising a chance in the past and it didn’t work – the audiences, segments, and look-a-like potential is worth a subsequent test. A lot of companies do not consider Facebook the optimal platform for retargeting ads, unless the traffic was originally generated from social media. While this might make sense at first, the fact is that your brand needs to be seen on platforms where users are dedicating hours a day. 2020 is a prime example on why you should have a strong(er) presence within social media platforms.
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Now consider that same ad appearing to the consumer on Facebook where it’s part of their feed but it grabs their attention much more than if it was only broadcasted on a website. This increase in visibility leads to a direct increase in impressions, engagement, clicks and even conversions. Even better, when someone sees your ad on Facebook and engages it without making a purchase you still have the opportunity to turn them into a follower of your brand and promote them on a platform that they are on anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a day.
So how easy is it to setup and launch Facebook Remarketing? Very. The steps are: create your Facebook Ad Account if you don’t have one already, then create + place your Pixel onto your website. Immediately, your pixel is now tracking basic data: visits to your website. Now, you just create your audience (audiences tab > create new > website > visitors). That’s it. One single tag on the website and you are up and running. If you need help getting any part of your Facebook advertising up and running – contact our team!
As you start to pinpoint the most cost-effective ways to improve your marketing efforts; there’s no denying the benefit of increasing your Facebook budget. The impressions and clicks are generally more affordable, and you have the added value of real brand awareness. Always remember when it comes to any form of digital advertising, the content is also important. Spend some time creating the right kind of content that highlights the pros to what you offer. Don’t be afraid to make multiple variations covering both Static Images and Video. Google Remarketing has its place within the marketing world, however Facebook Remarketing may very well be a much better option.

Ready To Give Facebook Retargeting A Try?

Are you looking to start or improve your advertising on Facebook or Instagram? With hundreds of millions of users active daily on each platform – there’s definitely opportunity to get in front of the right audience. We understand the pains of working with agencies or overloaded ‘freelancers’ and so we’ve built a process that ensures you retain all ownership to everything. This gives you the peace of mind no matter the success of the campaigns. Contact our team today to get started!

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